Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yeah I Know...

I've Neglected My Blog These Past 2 Weeks...But I Was Getting Ready To Do A Show...Stay Tuned This Week Where I'll Pick Up Fashion Files Friday Again & Another Impulse Shop-0-Rama!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Impulse Shop-0-Rama

This Post Is For All You Impulse Shoppers That Just Have To Have Something Inexpensive & Have To Have It Now!

Todays Impulse Shop-0-Rama Shop Is Embrace Bath & Body.
This Wonderful Bath & Body Shop Features So Many Awesome Things That Are Under $10....Perfect For All Those Gotta Have Something Now Urges.

A Few Of My Favs. Listed Above From Left 2 Right Are...The Soft Suds Whipped Lemon Soap In Lemon Cream Dream...Only $6.25!! Yummy, Yummy. Next Is The Striped Soapsicle Goats Milk Soap . How Cute Are These At Only $5.00. This Would Make A Perfect Gift For The Girl Who Has Everything. Next On My Favs. Are These Pink Cupcake Goats Milk Soap...Yes It Actually Smells Like A Cupcake!! So If Your On A Diet Hop In The Shower And Indulge Your Cravings With The Sweet Smells Of A Cupcake....I Want A Cupcake Already! And At Only $4.00 A Piece You Can Have 2 or 3 or....My Last Fav. Featured Here Is The Mint Therapy Lip Gloss Tin. Yummy Yummy!! This Stylish Slide Lip Gloss Container Is The Perfect Choice If You Like Peppermint. This One Will Have Your Lips Feeling Smooth & Shiny, While Making You Feel Minty Fresh At Only $3.25.

Check Out Embrace Bath & Body For More Awesome Pampering Product That You Can Afford To Indulge Those Impulses...

Check Me Out Next Wednesday For More Impulsive Shopping...

Studio Review

So the new-ish Studio by Sculpey Clay has been getting many mixed reviews from Polymer Clay artists. Some like it, some hate it, many just don't know much about it. Well I LOVE it and I'm here to tell you why.I use Studio By Sculpey Clay exclusively in the custom jewelry I make.In my opinion I have never used a greater product. This Clay has many features that I could have only dreamed about five years ago when I began working with clay. First of all, the finish of this clay is gorgeous. It has a matte finish that has a suede or cotton like feel to it after baked. I have never felt anything so wonderful. Secondly, the colors stay true while baking. How often have you bought a gorgeous color of clay, only to bake it, and it turns 4 shades darker? Yuck! Well this clay doesn't. What you see in the package is what you get. Another reason to love this clay is that the colors are soooo phenomenal. They come in 34 delicious colors, and FYI the glaze that studio makes isn't that goopy stuff that, if your lucky, will dry in 4-5 days.. nope it's thin, dries in minutes and doesn't flake, peel, or crack. Like I had said earlier this clay has been getting mixed reviews, and I think I know why. The texture of this product is so different from any other clay product. I think many users just don't know how to properly work with this clay. So here it comes my tips and tricks to be a successful Studio by Sculpey user.
1. For the most part this clay tends to be slightly softer than most others. Solution: I put mine in the fridge for a minute or so before using, and also before putting holes through my pieces. This firms the clay up some. Also, if you have been working with it for awhile before transfering it to another surface, put it back in the fridge. This also reduces 85% of finger prints on the piece. Sounds like a pain, but it's really not.
2. Ok so now your ready to bake and you've read the instructions on the package...Well forget what you just read. This is my formula for baking, and every piece I make is strong and durable, doesn't color change, and never bubbles. Ok set the toaster oven to 160 F., bake the clay for 6 min per 1/4 in., and walah! Beautiful. The package recommends you bake it at the standard 275 F for 15 min. per 1/4 inch. That's pretty standard but wrong. I swear the clay manufacturers must be baking on Mount Vesuvius ( you know higher temps at higher altitudes...anyway)
3. Alright time to sand...Basically use finer sand paper than you would have used for other clays, i.e if you would have started with a 400 wet dry begin with a 600 or 800. And be gentle, you don't need to pull out the big guns to get the job done. Also a little liquid soap for lubrication is recommended.
4. Now your as smooth as a babys butt, time to glaze. I only use the Studio by Sculpey glaze. It's super awesome. Very thin, dries in minutes, doesnt flake, crack or peel what more can I say.Lastly what i find great about this is the package size, 2.8 oz this seems to last a whole lot longer and it's packaged in little sections or nubs and this makes measuring the amount you use for mixing colors very helpful...Sure it's a little more expensive $2.99 for 2.8 oz...unless you get it from then it's only $1.80.Well I've given you all my tips and tricks hope you find this useful and happy claying.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fashion File 7.

Today's Fashion File Is All About Earthy Elegance.
The Orange Flowers Upcycled Vintage Scarf Top Is From Tangente. This One Of A Kind Halter Style Top Actually Used To Be A Scarf & Has Been Converted Into An Awesome One Of A Kind Top. The Paduak Wood Cuff Is From In Bloom Designs. This Exotic Wood Bangle Actually Started As A Piece Of Raw Lumber...Pretty Awesome...The Natural Red Color Of The Wood Perfectly Highlights The Dark Orange Of The Scarf. The Orange & Jade Aqua Cluster Earrings Are From Irene Machine. These Beautiful Earrings are Hung From Antique Copper Kidney Hook Earwires & Are The Perfect Finishing Touch To This Outfit, Highlighting Both The Orange & Green Shades Of The Top.
Now To Recap This Outfit We Took An Upcycled Halter Style Scarf Top & Paired It With Two Earthy Accessories That Highlight The Orange Detailing Of The Top. This Is A Great One Of A Kind Head 2 Toe Handmade Look.
This Outfit Is The Last Instalment Of The Fashion Files Until Friday Which Will Be Fashion File Friday From Now On....Each Week Highlighting A New Look For The Season.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Okay So It's Mothers Day & I'M Taking The Day Off...Fashion File 7. Will Be Posted On Monday...

Happy Mothers Day....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fashion File 6.

Today's Fashion File Is Soo Wickedly Fun. The Theme Of This Look Is BOLD Patterns & Soft Feminine Colors.

The Retro Babydoll Tunic Dress Is From Jenclaire. This Beautiful Dress Is Perfectly Lightweight For This Summer & Features An Awesome Bold Floral Pattern With Light, Feminine Colors. The Vintage Coral Lily Post Earrings I've Paired With The Dress Are From Ben And Oliver. These Cute Little Earrings Perfectly Highlight The Pink Color In The Dress, While Not Competing With It. The Athena Ring From We Dream In Colour Mimics The Leaf Pattern Of The Dress, While Also Picking Up The Green & Blue Hues In It. This Delicate Cast Brass Leaf With Hand Worked Verdigris Is The Perfect Finishing Accessory.

To Recap This Outfit We Took A Lightweight Floral Patterned Dress In Feminine Colors & Paired It With Two Minimal Accessories That Match The Colors In This Dress. This Whole Outfit Will Only Run You 107.50 For A Wickedly Fun Head 2 Toe Look That Will Have You Wishing For Summer All Year Long.

Be Sure To Check Me Out Tomorrow For The Last In The Fashion Files Series...Well Until Friday..Which Is Now Fashion File Friday Where Every Week I Will Highlight A New Look.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fashion File 5.

Today's Fashion File Is A Wonderful Addition To Any Girls Wardrobe. This Fun Feminine Look Centers Around Pantones Color Pick Of The Season Spring Crocus.

The Erica Dress From Leanimal Is A Wonderful Lightweight Cotton/Polly Blend Knit & Is A Gorgeous Color Lilac(Spring Crocus). This Awesome Spring Dress Is Perfect For Everyday Wear To Have You Feeling Fresh, Fun & Feminine. The Violets Are Blue Earrings Are From Mia Beads. These Simple, Yet Elegant Glass Flower Bead Earring Are The Perfect Accent To This Outfit. The Different Shades Of Purple Compliment The Dress, While The Turquoise In The Earrings Give It A Bit Of Added Interest. The Last Accessory To Go With This Look Is The Soft Rainbow Bracelet From Shonas' Bonuses Shop. This Beautiful Chunky Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet Is A Wonderful Finishing Touch. The Shades Of Purple Work Perfectly To Match, While The Translucence Of The Fluorite Give It A Light Airy Feeling.

Now To Recap This Outfit, We Put A Completely Feminine Dress In Lilac (Spring Crocus), One Of The Hottest Colors Of The Season & Paired It With Two Accessories In Different Shades Of Purple. This Whole Look Will Only Cost You $99.50 For A Completely Head 2 Toe Handmade Outfit. You Won't Be Caught Out Of The Fashion Loop This Season With This Look.

Be Sure To Check Me Out Tomorrow For Another Great Fashion File.